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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

out of my sight, out of your mind?

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Call me a conspiracy theorist who distrusts the wankers that ran the rig, the wankers in charge of all this and the wankers in government who are rubbing their hands with glee at scandals and soundbites, but did those fucking wankers kill the video feed too?


Gerty-Z said...

According to my memory from browsing the interwebs earlier today, that was BP's plan...but I think the Obama admin threw a fit, and supposedly (according to AP) the feed is supposed to be working again.

Anonymous said...

You are a conspiracy theorist who hates wankers. Or something.

Perhaps you can put up something on youtube to explain your feelings openly? Like that gender nonspecific kid with the Britney Spears fixation a few years back?


tideliar said...

@GZ: The feed has been up and down like a choir boy doing penance. BP don't seem to realise that the internet is watching. If they fuck with it, there are thousands of dedicated geeks out there to catch them. It's 2010 assholes.

@Antipodean: need some more gin in your tea old boy?

Anonymous said...

More like scotch in my beer the way I'm raving on.