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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Winds of change, or just verbal flatulence?

The times they are a'changing sang that dude, in that one song back in the day. I guess anyone who regularly follows us science bloggers (Wait, *this* is a science blog? ~Editor.) knows that a lot of changes have happened since the infamous dark days of Pepsigate. And if you have been following along, you know exactly what's coming next....

I've been asked to join Science blogging collective! I am stupefied and very, very flattered. Several bloggers of my acquaintance moved to a platform and were asked by the OverLord for blogs they recommend, and my 'name' came up along with some very sweet endorsements. The poor fools don't know what they've let themselves in for, but that's for them to find out...

I watched with interest the loss of talent, albeit only a small percentage of the total number, leave ScienceBlogs, and I watched with curiosity the rumblings of discontent over at Nature Network as the idiots discussed trying to take over the asylum.

I saw recently some of my blogmates get invited over to LabSpaces, and I thought, "Fuck yeah! You go guys!" Especially because some of them are fairly new to the game. Although their blogs may be old in internet years (like, a year old, anyway), there are skills and styles that comes with time. So, I was totally stoked to see these guys join a collective.

I watched with delight other blogmates get recruited to Scientopia when that opened its doors officially this week. I even left a comment on Professor in Training's blog that I was jealous that no one had invited me to join a gang. I felt a bit like the fat kid who gets picked last for football at lunch break. Then it occurred to me, that not only was I the idiot who volunteered to go in goal (and thus never picked last), and that by no stretch of the imagination could I ever be called fat, I already belong to a Science blog network!

And I don't mean in some wishy-washy, meta- kind of way...

like we're all communing our love of science ma-a-a-an. Dig it right? Like the internet is like, this, huge network of computers and

Shut the fuck up hippy, and get the fuck off my blog. And take your fucking patchouli incense with you.

No, I mean my "real" blog is on a major science network already. I reopened Some Lies a year or so ago to give me somewhere to vent my spleen, and due to certain information-highway related issues it has turned, gradually, back into my major writing platform.

Which leaves me with a dilemma. Do I now try and keep up two networked blogs? Or do i consolidate content? Or do i just adopt one identity and finally leave this hellish, Matrix-like nightmare of dopplegangers and avatars behind me once and for all?

I know not, dear reader, I know not. All I do know is that Some Lies is moving house, and I am embracing my new blogmates over at LabSpaces. The bloggers are expected to post at regular intervals, keep it science-based where possible and be active communicators on the Forums. I like that idea. No manifesto, no fucking page of Bylaws explaining how the General Voting Body of the Committee to Vote on Committees needs to populated on a thrice annual basis with all votes being corroborated by a quorum (or majority there of in times of war and under threat of death), unless a majority of non-voting members vote to have a general election, discounts at weekends for the elderly, meet in the hall if wet. I spoke with the OverLord, and he basically said, "I'm a dictator. I don't give a fuck what you do, just keep it on topic and post regular. Do well by me son, and I'll do well by you, alright?"

And I though, bloody hell, you sound like a character from Lock, Stock & two Smoking Barrels. How odd.

So, if anyone is RSSing me (perverts) you'll need to update your feed, and your blog roll too. I think I can re-direct the URL from this page. Come check out the new digs. Tomorrow. I need to go run the vacuum cleaner over first, and hide the bong. Y'know, like you do before welcome guests for the first time...