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Monday, May 3, 2010

Idiotometer hits top of scale...

I swear I am running out of fucking patience in a big way. People's utter fucking inability to get their shit together and think before acting is sucking the fucking soul from my body.

I am a gnat's fart away from seriously losing my fucking shit.

I am not your father
I am not your babysitter
I am not your fucking nanny

I pay you to do a job. Occasionally you will need to think instead of blindly pottering along like a fucking bug on a wall. This should be self-evident in that the minimum education to work for me is a Master's degree.

If I have to send one more motherfucking "reminder" or "warning" over trivial shit it will end very badly for someone. Probably the person who gets the fucking email/phone call from me telling them to clear their motherfucking desk out.


Dr.Girlfriend said...

To develop in their position people do need guidance, and if they are unsure of something it is better they ask for help or advice.

The problem is that some people grow increasingly dependent when they should be becoming more independent.

At least you are in a position where you can fire these people. As a graduate student I took the time to help a new postdoc adjust - one whole year in and he was still higher maintenance than my undergraduate! I eventually cut him off, and with no one to mask his incompetence our boss fired him. Should have done it sooner.

There must be a way of knowing in advance which newbies are worth investing your time in, and which ones should be cut loose now.

Genomic Repairman said...

Is this that shitbag programmer that bailed on you out of the blue during busy season to go back home?

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Sorry dude. I've been (trying, failing) to deal with this kind of thing too - a complete lack of initiative requiring constant hand-holding and spoon feeding - but not in someone who reports to me. Sounds like you might need to read the riot act...

chall said...

oh, you mean "even if we decided this and that you decided to ignore that and do something completely different aka nothing?".

I'm not in charge of these people, they just interfer with my plans and things to do. I sort of wish I could be their boss though, then we'd have some implementation of "planning" and "goals" and stuff like that.

Hope it gets better!

tideliar said...

@DG: All staff are on a 6 month probation before before they get full time status. I don;t want to fire people though: I just want them to work!

@GR: Ha, yeah, he's one of them. He got written up last week.

@Cath: Reading the RA doesn't seem to do anything though. Aside from totally and publicly losing my shit I am out of ideas. I've tried coaching, goading, rewarding, yelling, punishing. Nothing works. It's completely bizarre to me...

@Chall: We delivered a database yesterday. $30k over budget, and a week late and it's not even finished. They've been telling me for months that we're on track & that things are going fine. What do you do in these situations?!

chall said...

Chall: you try and do more update weekly meetings. Keep track of them, make too many reports and lists? And then comes the time when you sit down and go through "what we planned to do and on that time" and then "when were you ready with what we decided" and then you evaluate....

but short of threats and/or reevaluate if they can do what they say they can do, I don't know. I'm not a manager (yet) ;)

Baineth Vadrieng said...

Up until last week I was CONVINCED that there was a worldwide conspiracy for the people I work with to piss me off by acting like the most incompetent nit-wits on the planet.

I realised, however, that if I thought that these individuals were doing this on purpose I was awarding them MUCH more intelligence than what they actually possessed.

At the end of it all, I hit the pub and laughed with friends. Doesn't solve your database issue..nor the complete incompetence of others in the workplace...but I have come to realise that not one person will live up to my ideals of competancy. I have tried to delegate and get frustrated because they A. take too long to do the most simple bloody task and B. when they do it, inevitably, they end up running back to you to fix the tsunami-sized fuck up that they have generated. the end you end up stressed to the max cos before you have even asked anybody to do the most basic part of their know that you are increasing your "fix up" work load a million fold.

I dont know about the weekly meetings...for me...why should I have to spare an hour of my week in order to ensure that others have done their jobs. I have told you, it needs to be done, ergo...DO IT NOW...issue solved.

When I rule the world.......(tee hee)