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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This is what comes of being an inherent blagger...

Email string between me and rep from Prestigious Local Institute:


On 05/28/10 7:30 AM, Organizer Dood, Ph.D
To: Dr. Tideliar

Hey [Dr. Tideliar]~
I heard you were selected as an editor for a journal...I was wondering if you could come and give a Career Development talk on editorial review at [Prestigious Institute] sometime in the second half of the year. Let me know if/when works for you. We usually do our seminars on Thursday afternoons from 4-5, but if that time/date doesn't work, we can work it out. Thanks, and I will buy you a beer afterward!

Organizer Dood.


On 06/01/10 9:13 AM, Tideliar
To:Organizer Dood

Hi Organizer Dood,

I'm not sure who said that I was editing for a journal; it's maybe half right. I am a copy editor for one of [Big Science redacted] databases, and that's freelance work I picked up by emailing the editors of the database. I also do freelance editing for scientific and technical articles (manuscripts, theses etc.), and I've worked as sub-contractor for the [Major US Science Institution Redacted] writing text books. All of this is freelance work though (tenacity, plus networking).

I interviewed at [Major Science Journal] a couple of years ago when I was job hunting, but soon realized that the combative nature of the job would be bad match for me, so I declined any offer and stayed put and then found my current position.

I'm happy to give a Career Development talk, but it would be something like "How to network and blag your way to a new position by the seat of your pants" kind of talk, not a "here's how to do it for job X" kind of talk :)



On 06/01/10 1:45 PM, Organizer Dood

Hi Tideliar,
We might have to work on the title, but that sounds awesome! We usually do our seminars at 4-5 on thursday afternoons, and we've got nothing scheduled following June 17th. so, we're free up for whenever you want to come and talk! Thanks a ton!

Organizer Dood


On 06/01/10 1:54 PM, Tideliar
To Organizer Dood

Oh shit. Really? I thought you'd say, "Thanks, but no thanks". Can I title it "Bullshitting your way through life: do's and don'ts"?


Gerty-Z said...

Ha Ha! That'll learn ya! But I would totally go to a seminar with that last title. I bet it would be the best one in the whole career series. :-)

Dr.Girlfriend said...

I would attend that talk even if there were no cookies and coffee involved. I undersell myself all the time and wish I had the balls to bullshit my way through closed doors.

tideliar said...

Hoisted by my own petard once again. I can't resist waxing lyrical and making gags. And I'm addicted to shameless self-promotion...

But, the more I think about it, the more I think it might be fun. I've been to a couple of career dev seminars that focused on non-lab skillz, and I could pitch it as that...networking, elevator pitch, value propositions etc. Things you must do to be successful *even as* a PI!

Dr Becca, PhD said...

Hahahaha! I would totally go to that talk, as I would love some freelance work, seriously. I'm sure you'll kick so much Career Development ass!

tideliar said...

If it actually happens AND goes well I'll see about getting it up on slideshare or something LOL.

Freelancing is really hard to break into even with a network. And you have to be motivated. I always end up biting off more than I can chew, or having a bunch of proposals hit at the same time, at the worst time (like now when I need to be working on grant resubmissions...)

Professor in Training said...

Haha - suck it! I usually find myself in these types of situations, too.

tideliar said...

Wow...Thanks PiT! Feel the love :D


Cath@VWXYNot? said...


Oh, this is excellent. Slideshare won't do, we will be requiring a live video link-up, please.

tideliar said...

But then to maintain my biofilm-thick veneer of psuedonymity I'd have to do it like Dr. Isis which means letting Them know about Tideliar... or I do it in disguise! Yes! A disguise!

Anonymous said...

I suggest a morph suit. You can drink through it, unlike Isis' surgical mask fuck up


tideliar said...

Morph suit huh? Sounds kinky...

I never actually watched Isis video from Harvard (wasn't it?) all the way through yet, but is that the "disguise"?