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Monday, January 5, 2009

...Time Gentlemen Please!...

Well, the fan is spinning and the gods are shitting freely in the astral wind. At some point I fear the two will connect.

The current egregiously fucked financial situation (guilty as charged... don't give people like me limitless credit. Duh?! We will spend, and of course we won't pay you back. That's why we're putting stuff on credit.) has left everyone in the lurch, especially state-funded institutions such as mine. Our President and his executive staff have taken a voluntary pay-cut, which means ours (less voluntary; my 5% means more to me because I earn substantially less than the president) are iminent.

But we've been told there are no plans to start laying people off yet. This, as anyone who follows the trials and tribulations of European Soccer knows, means lay-offs are coming, and soon.

My boss just got called to an emergency meeting with our Chief of Staff. He is a man I look highly upon, and has a position to which I aspire. However, he also has the crummy job of firing people (individually or en masse). I think he hires too, but individual group leaders can reap that praise.

Sometimes shit rolls up hill, and I have a horrible feeling the anti-gravity fecus cannon is aimed at the floating astral shit of the gods.

Watch this space...

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