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Friday, January 9, 2009

...Food Glorious Food...

In my office, almost everybody is from Thailand.

It is lunchtime.

The smell of glorious, homemade Thai food is literally making me drool at my desk.

And it's making me homesick! Somehow the smells have combined to generate, within my olfactory cortex, the delicious, marvellous smell of my dad's best Roast Beef Sunday Dinner...

Slow roasted joint of beef (roasted with red wine), real gravy, roasted potatoes, parsnips, carrots, maybe some peas or cauliflower to go with it. All to be washed down with a bottle or two (or three) of fine, deep, throaty Merlot.

...I can fucking taste it...

And what am I having for lunch? A fucking banana!

Fuck this, I'm off for Soul Food. It might not be particularly British, but at least it's home cookin'

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