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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

G+ RageQuit FTW

Ignore last night's post. Due some significant work/life issues I was in the middle of a total stompy-foot ragequit over G+ and planned to extend it to any Google service. yeah. Whatevs brohan.

FWIW, to any readers who had me in a circle onG+, I did totes IRL delete my G+ account. I'm not using if they're gonna ban psueds. Go read Janet Stemwedel or Scicurious' post (and links therein; especially BugGirl) for why it's a sexist, assinne and bullshit argument. Support your sisters. Ragequit G+

Fuck yeah!

Anyway. Fuck G+ but for Blogger et al., it's business as usual for a while as we see how this plays out.


Four Dinners said...

Support your sisters?....You bra burning these days?...;-)

tideliar said...

'ello Dinners!

Not bra burning, but trying to do my bit to keep the Neanderthals back from the gates, as it were :)