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Monday, March 8, 2010

Should be an interesting week. It has started badly enough.

In no particular order:

  • This afternoon I have my first annual review at work and I just deleted all the paperwork I need to get done by 10am

  • I have to get a poster finished for printing by noon, and I deleted my draft copy

  • I found out after getting in the shower this morning that my girlfriend had stolen my shampoo

  • I think she had also been using my razor because my face feels like sunburned sandpaper

  • I heard my congressman, Steve Cohen advocate jail-house retribution and murder on a morning radio show. Odd for a Democrat, albeit one who has seen friend's daughter paralyzed in a random act of gun-related violence

  • I saw a two car road accident outside my office as I was crossing the street


chall at work :) said...

any copies/back up files?! on some other computer maybe?

I wish you luck with the review and the poster! I'm sure it will work out though, you seem to be more like a cat than you know....
landing on your feet and having several lives etc :)

Anonymous said...

1 and 2. That sucks. Could be worse. Could have been a grant...

3 and 4 could be covered by "I live with a woman". She's stealing your deodourant and cologne too. Your toothbrush may be the only thing you can count on. Maybe.

5. US politicians can't get elected unless they are nuts in the first place. Remember the democrats are somewhere on the extreme right wing between the Tories and the BNP.


Maxine said...

Sometimes I think that every day of my life is a bit like this. (Though, being female, I suppose I have to cast myself in the role of razor-nicker in your example.)

tideliar said...

@Chall: Alas no, but everything got done in time :)

@antipodean: re#5 I think he was overly emotional about the situation, as opposed to expressing a specific firmly held view TBH. Knowing this guy, and with him facing a dirty election soon (his opponent is a fucking cunt of the highest order, and our former Mayor), he had a staffer on damage control and full blown panic mode immediately he opened his mouth.

@Maxine: Stealing the razor...I mean...gawd! Seriously! is nothing sacred?

microbiologist xx said...

If you see random animals running in circles, I suggest you call in sick and don't leave the house.

Genomic Repairman said...

Why the hell do girlfriends/fiancees/wives/etc love our razors? Seriously if you use our razor throw it out its like taking a cheese grater to our face when we use it after you.