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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oops I did it again!

Damn this fucking internets!

All the debate and chat about anonymity. Prof Like Substance mentions he has deleted posts after realising he was too close to revealing something. Professor in Training has been worried and self-edited. Damn Good Technician was outed in her previous lab, leading to acrimonious...acrimony. Grand Inquisitor was identified by disgruntled persons (un)known, who hacked his blog. Female Science Professor has some interesting posts on the topic. And Comrade Physioprof said Fuck, a lot, about this very issue.

I used to have another Blog, with the same title, that ran for several years until I was outed on a web-forum I moderate. Not a big deal, and a lot of my readers knew me anyway, but it necessitated closing and locking the blog once I'd made a few life changes and certainly, before I changed jobs and had to pretend to be a grown-up.

Now, I'm no technophobe, but like Stephen Fry said recently, I have the terrible habit iof acting without thinking, of opening my mouth and letting whatever (to me) witty aphorism, or apt riposte is curdling in my brain, slough out of my cakehole with nary a thought for the consequences. I tend to do the same thing with my actions: I am desperately impulsive, which gets me in no end of trouble.

I opened a Twitter account, and promptly, without thinking, linked my user name to my meatspace moniker. That was dealt with quickly, and I think indexing has buried any knowledge of my true identity. However, I was pottering around on Posterous, replying to a post on Brain Gym, that bedevilment of woo-science that infiltrates schools, universities and now medical Schools (seriously! What-the-ever-buggering fuck are you doing A) believing in Brain Gym, if you have an MD, and B) doing teaching it to your Med Students?). Well, the option came to post my comment to Facebook, so without thinking I said Yes! Share my thoughts with the world, for I am nothing if not vain & opinionated, and that is why I invented the internet.

And thus it came to be, my post, linked under my user name, Tideliar, linked to this page, has just been flashed across my Facebook page, which is under my meatspace moniker. And subsequently flashed across the homepages of all 400+ of my "friends", a lot of whom are work colleagues, who will be appalled to find some of the filth I've vomited forth on this site.

Let the editing begin...


The Grand Inquisitor said...


tideliar said...

Fucking genius, eh? I got the first comment back on my Facebook within, literally, 5 minutes of the post going up. Literally 5 fucking minutes!

Anonymous said...

Fucking love your blog Tideliar.

Doing an MD requires drinking from the fire hose of medical knowledge. In order to do this you must turn off all your critical facilities or go insane. Memorise and spew forth come exam time.

It's no wonder they fall for woo woo all over the place. It's why they need scientists.

Luckily I get to work with the ones that are both.

As for Stephen Fry. Aren't we glad he doesn't filter. Think of all the stuff we'd miss out on if he did?


tideliar said...

Antipodean, many thanks for stopping by and commenting. comments are always welcome, especially ones that espouse common truths, such as how much you love my blog...and thus i can assume, me. have we met...

Professor in Training said...

Yeah - you've got to be careful. I'm paranoid about making the same mistake. Best of luck dealing with the fallout.

Oh, and Stephen Fry is awesome.

Anonymous said...

I also often find myself agreeing with people who agree with me too.

I clearly have a good head on my shoulders.

Or I'm a complete tosser.