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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bakery of Death

Who fucks up toasting a godamned fucking bagel? Seriously? What kind of fucking cunt are you that you can't cut the fucking thing in half and just fucking toast it?

The shit-hole "gourmet" deli near my house is that place. Inbred spoiled cunts.

Stupid shitty greasy hotplate left my fucking plain bagel tasting of old, over-cooked oil, and now i have fucking HEARTBURN! At 9am in the godamned fucking morning.

And I'm still hungry because I had to throw the cunting food away.

I fucking hate stupid stuck up motherfucker bullshit like this.

Fuck. 9am. Fuck.

1 comment:

chall said...

times like these it seems like you and the McManus brothers have something in common ;)

(really, sorry about the breakfast. That sooo screws up your day)