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Friday, March 23, 2012

It pours I hear

I wish I could blog about more things. Work has taken an unexpected, but not unwelcome, turn and I find myself in a position I was looking forward to far earlier than I expected.

Until 't's are crossed and lowercase 'j's dotted I am under self-imposed embargo and vow of silence. But...


How did you not see this coming? I tried so hard to help you, to guide and rebuild. And time and time again nothing registered. Last year ended badly, embarassingly and painfully and yet still today you were utterly blind-sided. This is the problem. This exact issue is the glowing core of the issue. Defensive posturing will not help. It cannot. There is a central processing defect that I cannot reach.

And now the deed is done once more I have to rely on the Grace of higher Powers to deflect the incoming storm. You won't work with me; I know you're now working against me. We'll see how this house of cards collapses.


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