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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Link on BBC new webpage  - Searching for the next Google... along with this picture

(credit BBC I guess)

I get it - it's all techphillic and shit, but couldn't they have picked something slightly more fucking relevent? Either use Google to draw attention or mention chemical engineering or whatever the fuck that you8ng an is doing with that test tube.

...and test tubes? Who the fuck uses test tubes nowadays (shut up chemists)

DFS, at least it isn't the UEoBL* (pronouced weeble)

Oh shit i think my building is on fire. BRB. ETA - nope. false alarm

(*Ubiquitous Eppendorf of Blue Liquid)


Sirius Scientist said...

When non-science people come in my lab their first comment is ALWAYS, "wow, this looks like a real lab." Which is why at least twice a year television crews try and film us "doing science" in the background of some interview that doesn't actually do anything even close to what we do... because we "look like scientists".. this makes me wanna growl. Also amusing is random centrifuging in movies anytime they are working on some sort of cure to something.

tideliar said...

I got photographed pushing flies once, boring and silly but lab relevent at least.

The worst TV one I saw was a CSI (surprise)...dude looks down a 'scope at yellow goo says, 'i'll use HPLC - high performance etc. etc. to identify this.'

Moves slide to a new 'scope and declares, "it's honey!"


Sirius Scientist said...

Reminds me of this from xkcd comics: