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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Love is a big fat river in flood

A few photos from the Mississippi River near where I live


The new...bulwark (?) that now protects the lowest point in Island Drive where the road meets the bridge that gives access to Mud Island.
The bank is about 10 feet above the water so this should stop the river blocking our access.


The river near flood. Taken from the pathway, normally 30 feet above the river.


bloody wrong bloody filter for the bloody sunset. That's the river with the sun setting over Arkansas


The Wolf River Lagoon, just 100 yards from my house.
You can see by the trees in the background this is 15-20 feet higher than normal.
The water is now 2 feet from the bank. Three days ago there was a six foot gap.
The water is backflowing into the lagoon again...


chall said...

great photos. I personally think the bluish tint makes them more "outworldish".... :) and hope the wolf doesn't rise 2 more feet and you're stay dry.

Dr Becca said...

I like the blue tint too! Very post-nuclear holocaust/-zombie takeover. Crossing my fingers for you that the worst is over, and you (and Memphis) can get back to some semblance of normal life.

tideliar said...

Thanks for the filter love :) Still feel like a prat for not checking my settings :/ Wanna see if I can photoshop the filters, but not sure how. couple of years ago we got to about 42 feet (5 feet lower than now) and I got some great pictures of the sunset over the river

Pharm Sci Grad said...

Love the sunset pic!
Such a potential for havoc yet it looks so calm and peaceful here...

tideliar said...

@PSG: Cheers :)