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Friday, February 5, 2010

well I've never done that before

I was pottering around the Blogosphere, as is my wont, eating a 3 Musketeers (if a Yank) or a Milky Way (if a Brit). I lumbered over to the EXCELLENT and full of WIN Scary Duck for he does make me laugh and squirt coffee out of my nose on the keyboard (even if I'm not drinking coffee!) and saw a post about a band I didn't called The High Fidelity.

Apparently The High Fidelity was/is the band that evolved from the awesomely good Soupdragons (Glasgow's second finest export after my mate Lefty). Well, Scary Duck had linked a couple of The High Fidelity videos for his reader's perusal and I had a click.

And I liked it.

And I went to iTunes and downloaded the fucking album. On the basis of a fellow blogger's admitedly biased opinon and the ravings of the usual fucknut hordes that comment on YouTube videos.

This had better be good. Or else Mr. Duck (Scary) will find himselkf KILLED TO DEATH by an irate ex-pat Englishman who's down ten bob on a dodgy techno/pop album from 2002.

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