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Friday, September 25, 2009

Sod this for a game of soldiers!

I'm on vacation as of......NOW!

Albeit, a stay-cation. With family in town. Including a screamy 3 year old.


I'm out of the office until Wednesday. Hooray!


I will have my laptop, be on email, working on my biostats homework. And I keep my G1 powered up and active, so I'll be getting the daily minutiae and bullshit.


I suck at vacationing!!


Maxine said...

Screamy 3 year old? Get that internet connection broke and head back to the lab forthwith, nincompoop, for a bit of respite. ;-)

Balancing Act said...

Join the club. My husband is from a remote area of the US. When we visit his family, there is literally no connection to the outside world except a decade old dial-up. Guess where he spends a large portion of his vacation time?

I highly recommend you get over this inability to vacation.

Anonymous said...

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