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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Grow Up!

God damn it all to ever-loving fuckeration! Why do people insist on acting like children?

My programmer just asked if he could go back to India; he hasn't been back for 2 years. Well, for a start, just ask, don't add stupid qualifiers. I have gone 4 or 5 years without visiting my homeland, so i don't care about this supposed hardship. Suck it up. You chose to work in the US, and with that come "responsibilities". Because you've added a qualifier to your question you're assuming or expecting a negative reaction and this concerns me. It means there's more to the question than meets the eye. At first listen.

Fuck you. My blog. My metaphors.

We are busy as all hell at work right now. Summer is drawing to a close and students are turning up en masse, Faculty are making the usual outrageous demands of our systems, and Admin are just cluttering the place up and slowing down meetings. The summer was blissful, quiet and almost boring.

I greet the question with a raised eyebrow, this is mistaken for a suggestion for him to continue.

"If I don't go now, I will be unable to go for one and half more years because of my visa status..." Once more stumbling to halt.

Still making excuses, and still not giving me all the information I need. I point out that I can't stop him, and of course I don't want to be mean (in public).

It transpires there is just a little bit worse to come. The "now" in the above sentence means, almost literally, now.

"I found a flight for just one thousand dollars..."

For fuck's sake. Act like a man and make the fucking request!!!

"It leaves on the 25th."

that's 6 days. Less than a week's notice that you need three weeks off at the busiest time of the year. Timed perfectly to coincide with us renewing your contact and picking up your tuition.

Godamned, selfish bullshit. And coincidentally his supervisor is off until the end of next week and also off the grid, so i can't double check his workload and schedule.


Genomic Repairman said...

What I ask my PI for time off, even just a week, usually a month or two in advance. This is just out of sheer courtesy. Not to be a hardass, but can he not go back in the fall? I say fuck em, make him stay and work.

rpg said...


And don't come back'

tideliar said...

I always gave weeks and months of notice for any vacation request. I just pointed out to him that springing it like this was very uncool, and got lots of huffing and puffing in response. I had to leave the building...

Cynnie said...

can you deny it ?
I would , and fuck him..I suppose there are jobs somewhere out there where you can leave at a moments notice...but hell , Ive never had one..

Professor in Training said...

As one who also has visa issues that dictate when I can/can't leave the country, I also say "suck it." As soon as you get your entry visa, you know when it expires ... and it's usually good for at least a year ... why not arrange your vacation then and give your boss and colleagues adequate notice?

tideliar said...

@Cynnie: Hey! Welcome to the new house! Thanks for commenting. I wanted to deny it, but didn't feel it was my place. His supervisor (currently trying to vacate in NYC) had no such compunction :)

@PiT: The visa thing is an issue, but like you say, plan it properly. My last trip to the Motherland was planned MONTHS in advance. Because I knew I'd have to visit the Embassy etc., I warned my boss 3 or 4 months in advance that I needed two working weeks + traveling time. He moaned and whined, but he did about *everything* anyway, so it was all good.

Genomic Repairman said...

So what is happening with the programmer situation?