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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

They get their money's worth

More of a "I'm not dead yet" (INDY) post than anything else.

I'm gradually transitioning over to our Office of Academic Affairs. This is more in line with what i wanted to do when i decided to leave bench science, so I'm happy. The Vice Chancellor seems to like my style, and I think I'm doing OK. My mottos of "don't believe the hype" and "work harder, you lazy cunt" seem to be paying off.

Academic Affairs are supposed to be taking over part of my salary too. Seems only fair, seeing as I work for them anyway. It was initially going to be 40:60, with my salary staying the same. Thankfully my boss fucking rocks and pointed out that I'm paid less than someone of my rank should be. I concur completely! So, hopefully the Academic Affairs cash will act as a "bonus" (there's a name for it, I forget): if I do my 40hrs a week for the Bioinformatics crew, then anything on top of that for Academic Affairs should be paid as bonus by Academic Affairs.

Sounds A fair deal (see what I did there? Clever huh. That's a pun, kids).

only it isn't. I work around 50-60 hrs a week, so the Academic Affairs would have to pay an added 50% of my salary, and without going into details, even though i don't make that much, another 50% would be too freakin' generous by Human Resources standards.

So. Here we are. An impasse. As it were. I don't know what bonus, if any I'll be getting this month. They don't know how much to spare, or how to pay me, and no one knows for how long this might last.

Is there a moral to this tale I can't spot?


Prof-like Substance said...

Moral: Never underestimate the potential to screwed out of pay when you work in academics.

tideliar said...

Corollary: at a junior level. Senior academics and administrators seem to find multiple ways to augment their swollen paychecks through honorary positions, deanships, directorships etc...

Maxine said...

The only moral on this type of thing I have ever learnt is "get it in writing, and BEFORE you take the job". After you're in-post, anything can, and does, happen - including strange absence of mind concerning verbal agreements. Good luck with this one.

microbiologist xx said...

This sounds like it's going to get a lot suckier before it get's any better. Good luck.

tideliar said...

Well, the numbers are in and it looks OK. Very reasonable and well worked out. The permanence of it is an issue and each Business Manager that "employs" me is watching out for their own budget, obviously.

Short term, great. Long term, we'll see, but I'm hopeful we'll reach a fair compromise.