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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oohh! Fame & Fortune surely follow!

I've been BlogRolled! It's *so* exciting I just shit!

I'm not a new blogger by any means. I've been doing this in various locations since late 2004 (fuck me, that is a long time...). I write because I need to. Whether that translates into a woefully introspective and narcissistic "need to get teh voices out of my head", I'm not sure. I think it might be.

Anyway, I write because I enjoy it and because sometimes I need to get some shit off my chest or out of my, already crowded, cerebrum. And I don't strictly care if anyone reads it or not, but it's kind of flattering to find out that some people do. On my old blog, also known as Some Lies, I got several thousand unique hits and page reads each month, and that was flattering. It also lead me to apologise constantly if I didn't write anything for a couple of days. That seems to defeat the purpose of the exercise somewhat. Anyhoo, never getting any comments here I wondered if any body read this blog. I leave scattered comments around on other sites, when I was a n00b that was how you got traffic. I'm sure there are some cool interch00b devices that do it for you now.

So, yesterday I installed a StatCounter; it's down there, on the right, near the bottom. Yeah, that's the one. I was pleasantly surprised to see a dozen or so folks had meandered past between bloggings. And then, as if predestined, I happened to be catching up on some blogs over lunch and wandered to Professor in Training, and name....on her blogroll!



I've been blogrolled, y'all. By a popular, fairly hard nosed, academic blogger. I don't know why, but that really cheered me up. So, cheers PiT.

To reciprocate, I did my blog roll, so much easier than it used to be; typing in reams of dodgy Blogger/Google pseudo-html and hoping you didn't royally fuck up your blog template whilst doing so. I expect no reciprocity for my kind actions, but I did notice: I follow a lot of blogs. No wonder I never get any fucking work done!

(...and sincereish apologies to any reader who has blogrolled me without me noticing...)


Professor in Training said...

Haha - you're very welcome. During my recent clean up I realized there were several blogs, yours included, that were on my Reader list but not on my blogroll and that needed to change :)

Professor in Training said...

a popular, fairly hard nosed, academic blogger.

Hmmm ... only just saw this bit. I'm assuming you are talking about someone else!

tideliar said...


Nah, it's you. You're certainly popular as our recent community wide <32<3 showed. Hard-nosed because you take no prisoners and even less shit. Also, due to proclivity for fun things like Brutal Contact Sport, I think the physical characteristic works too :p

And academic, well, that's self evident